Double Migrant News @ The Tea House Theatre

Sat, 18th Feb, 2017

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Oh those migrants! They are everywhere and some are double, even triple. Especially here in London.

What does a Londoner look like and how many times have their ancestors migrated? Where did they come from, where did they go? The Double Migrant News night explores who are migrants and and what would today's migration news look like from a Shakespearean perspective.

Double Migrant News night explores how to identify migrants and how the media talks about them. Are they:
1) London cabbies who cannot prove they speak English?
2) Britons arriving in Finland already speaking Finnish?
3) Londoners with a Norwegian granny?
4) Danes who do not look like Danes?

Most of us are more than just one thing. On Double Migrant news night...

Eavesdrop Theatre will perform current news as Shakesperean scenes.
A short film on who Londoners think is a migrant will premier. 
Portraits of Nordic Londoners by Minna Rossi will be shown and
Art installation by Hulya Ucar will adorn a wall
Audience can do some stuff as well. 

31 Jan 2017
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