The Partisan Social Club + Sean Griffiths @ Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall

Sat, 6th Oct, 2018 to Sun, 25th Nov, 2018
Wednesday – Sunday 11am – 5pm

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The Partisan Social Club has evolved!

New members who signed up to undertake a series of workshops on the production and publishing of slogans, the embodiment of texts in the public realm and the construction of social structures are celebrating what they have been doing together.

‘On being together; memberships, collectives and unions’, is a project aimed at developing new artworks dedicated to the concept of ‘membership’ to be sited in the outdoor spaces of Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall (BGV), London. The project invited ‘members’ to join in with the realisation of a social sculpture: its design, build and the programming of its activities around collectives, unions, groups and clubs.

The Partisan Social Club: Lewis Allum, Xenia Busalova, Zhishan Chen, Chris Daubney, Sadie Edington, Riccardo Fregoni, Chang Gao, Alison Gill, Sean Griffiths, Bekki Herbert, Andy Hewitt, Felicity Holmes, Hanxuan Jiang, Mel Jordan, Khaver Idrees, Louise King, Tiantian Liu, Liz Murray, Annabelle Nguyen, Joanna Osieglewska, Tina Rousou, Iza Sasaran, Alexia Soteriou, Sven Storm, Allan Struthers, Yukako Tanaka, Toby Tobais, Ewelina Trejta, Simon Tyszko, Kai Wang, Wei Zhou.

Listen in here to the Partisan Social Club, broadcast on Isotopica, Resonance FM

12 Oct 2018
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